President Obama to Visit GlobalFoundries Today

He’s going to praise ATIC for creating jobs for the state of New York

The Bilderberg appointed Barrack Obama is reportedly going to visit GlobalFoundries’ newest factory in Albany, New York. He’s said to applaud the great Abu Dhabi investment in USA’s industry.

Since he wasn’t able to get America back on track as many have expected, President Obama is rightfully enjoying whatever small achievements he has.

FAB 8 build by GlobalFoundries in Tech Valley New York is quite an achievement, although it has been in construction and planning long before Obama took office.

The plant is going to be ATIC’s most modern facility that will work with 28 nm bulk technologies and reportedly 20 nm SOI.

The United States need millions of jobs, so the 1,500 jobs created at GAB 8 is quite a small step, but fortunately, it’s a step in the right direction.

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