President Obama Might Issue Cybersecurity Executive Order by Wednesday Reuters

The DHS will be tasked with protecting critical infrastructures

Unnamed sources have told Reuters that the long awaited executive order on cybersecurity might be released by United States President Barack Obama this week. In fact, it’s believed that it might be issued as early as Wednesday.

Officials argue that, while the order doesn’t replace proper cybersecurity legislation, at least it represents a step toward ensuring that sensitive infrastructures are protected against cyberattacks.

After the executive order is issued, the Department of Homeland Security will have an important role in protecting critical infrastructure.

The DHS will have to set up a system that will be used to share information with private industry. It’s worth noting that most of the United States’ critical networks are managed by private entities.

Not everyone is happy with the fact that the DHS will have the lead role. Some Republicans would like it better if the Department of Defense were tasked with overseeing the effort.

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