Presidency of Guyana and Anonymous Websites Defaced by Tha Disastar

The hacker has been keeping himself busy fighting for the freedom of Palestine

The official website belonging to the President of Guyana ( was hacked and defaced by a cyberattacker known as Tha Disastar, member of The Hackers Army, informs VoiceOfGreyHat.

“To the ignorant observer Israel may appear modern, vigorous and democratic largely thanks to the outrageous bias in Western media and the $$$ whom have become our wake up!!!” reads a message on the defaced page.

The Pakistani hacker also blames the UN for creating out of Israel a country comparable to Nazi Germany.

At the time of writing, the affected website is still down, but Guyana officials seem to have set up a new location which can be accessed by citizens while they resolve the issue.

The same source reports that this is not the first time when Tha Disastar manages to breach the security of a site. Just yesterday he took down one of the websites used by Anonymous to spread their activist messages.

It turns out that the operation was a form of retaliation against the hacktivist collective for threatening to destroy the Muslim Brotherhood in an operation called Op-Brotherhood.

“Anonymous should stay in limits, and must not go out of there limits to others peoples religion,”he said at the time.

As a result of the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack he launched against it, the site remained offline for several hours.

Another one of Disastar’s accomplishments is a successful operation against the official website belonging to ESET Thailand.

ESET’s website hosted, besides the same anti-Israel messages, some “free Palestine” propaganda.

The security solutions company’s website is back online and functioning normally, but they weren’t the only victim the cybercriminal made that day. A number of other 300 Indian and Russian commercial websites were taken down as well.

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