Premature Baby Doll – Another Controversial Toy Sparks Outrage

This toy comes with an entire intensive care package

Take a look at this new product on the baby doll market – the premature born baby toy, complete with intensive care accessories.

According to the Sun, this toy is not just outrageous, it's also outrageously expensive. Parents have to pay a whopping £800 ($1,273 / €1,000) for this offensive toy, which is available online. If you want the intensive care package in full, you have to cash out an extra £35 ($55 / €44).

This toy is not aimed at the children market, as was the case with another controversial toy product – the breastfeeding baby doll, which I presented last week as being one of the oddest toys out there.

Manufacturers claim the doll should help parents of sick newborns through their grieving process, with some buying the doll just to remember the infant that passed away, in their family.

This editor deems the doll sheer speculation of parents' feelings of guilt over their children's health issues. The product has sparked a lot of outrage among parents who had to go through the ordeal of losing a newborn.

“It’s sick. The dolls aren’t comforting. They only extend the grieving process,” Sue Williams, rep for premature infant charity Adapt, says.

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