Pregnant Jewel Involved in Serious Two-Car Crash

Country singer Jewel, who is now pregnant with her first child, has been involved in a two-car accident the other day. She is now in hospital, where doctors are performing tests on her and the baby, but both seem to be fine.

PopEater reports that the accident occurred when a volunteer fire truck slammed into Jewel’s car, causing serious damage to the front and the passenger side.

In fact, photos taken on the scene of the two cars have already emerged online – and they show that Jewel’s car was completely wrecked in the front.

It is not known whether the star was driving or was in the passenger seat, but seeing how reports say that she’s ok (though still in hospital), one may infer she was behind the wheel.

“A volunteer fire truck slammed into singer Jewel’s car in Stephenville, Texas, on Friday, sending the folk-turned-country star, who is pregnant, to the hospital for tests,” PopEater writes.

A rep for the singer confirms the accident.

“Jewel was hit by a fire truck this morning in Texas. The singer was taken to the hospital and current medical tests conducted indicate that she and the baby are doing fine,” reads a statement.

The identity of the other driver was revealed to the media, but his condition remains unknown to this moment.

“The occupant of the fire truck was Erath County Commissioner Jim Pack, who was heading to a nearby highway to put out a grass fire. Pack’s condition has not been disclosed,” PopEater informs.

Jewel and husband Ty Murray announced in January this year that they were about to become first-time parents

At the time, the star revealed she’d found out about the pregnancy while on the set of Bravo’s “Going Platinum” and that she kept it a secret until doctors told her it was safe to announce it.

Even so, it was hard for her to keep mum, especially since she feared morning sickness on set that would set tongues wagging, Jewel said.

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