Pre-Order Your Samsung Chromebook Early with a Google Scavenger Hunt

Google Chrome OS-powered notebooks won't be coming for another week, but you can get yours early, at least pre-order it early, by keeping an eye on a blog post Google has just put up. During the next two days, Google will be posting links and clues enabling users to find out how and where to pre-order the Samsung-built Chromebooks going on sale June 15.

"Welcome to live updates on the first Chromebook preview, a 2-day exploration of the web that also gives you a way to get your Chromebook early. We will continue to live update this blog post with subsequent preview locations," the blog post reads.

"The first Chromebook preview is now open here. For the first stop, we’re taking you back to where it all began: Tim Berners-Lee’s original memo calling for people to help with his CERN-funded WorldWideWeb project," Azhar Hashem, Product Marketing Manager at Google, wrote.

The link is a historic one, it's a copy of the message the creator of the World Wide Web posted trying to get people behind his new project, now hosted on Google Groups.

"Look for a familiar icon which will serve as your entryway to the Chromebook preview. Each preview will only be open for a limited time before moving to a new location," Hashem explained.

The Chrome icon leads to an animation showcasing what Chromebooks can do and also a link to an Amazon page for a Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook, which sells for $499.

From there you can pre-order the device, but it otherwise doesn't show up in Amazon search. If you visit the regular Amazon page for the product, you can only sign up to be notified when the Chrombook becomes available.

For eager users, the game Google set up could prove interesting since it's the only way to ensure that you're going to get a Chromebook on day one. Most people will probably wait for the release date though and probably even more will be looking for an iPad 2.

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