Pranksters Say Johnny Depp Died in Car Crash, Possibly Drowned

Another celebrity declared dead in a social media hoax

Back in 2010, pranksters started spreading a false story about how famous actor Johnny Depp died in a car accident. Now, two years later, the same story has once again started making the rounds on Twitter and Facebook.

The folks from Hoax Slayer have investigated these false claims and have found that there are currently two versions of the story in circulation.

One of them once again blames a car crash, while the second one reveals that Depp drowned while filming The Lone Ranger movie.

Johnny Depp is not dead, but the fake posts have started going viral on social media sites.

So, in case you come across a post that reads “Johnny Depp died. He drowned on the Lone Ranger set,” be sure not to share or retweet it.

Similar to other celebrity death hoaxes, such stories could be easily picked up by spammers and leveraged to make a hefty profit. That’s why it’s best to check out the legitimacy of a rumor before forwarding it.

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