Pranked Nurse Jacintha Saldanha Was Found Hanged at the Hospital

A co-worker discovered Saldanha's body at King Edward VII’s Hospital

A co-worker discovered Jacintha Saldanha's body at King Edward VII’s Hospital in London, reports say. 46-year-old Saldanha allegedly took her own life after being the unlikely victim of a prank.

Anchors at a radio show from the Australian 2Day channel called the hospital were Kate Middleton was staying, with morning sickness, pretending to be the Queen and Prince Charles.

As we reported, the nurse dispatched the call to the Duchess' room, where another nurse gave the DJs ample information on Kate's state.

According to police detective chief inspector James Harman, she had injured wrists when she was found.

Saldanha was married and she and her husband had two children. She left three suicide notes, according to NBC News. The handwritten notes were discovered at the scene, two of them she had next to her, while the other was recovered when her belongings were searched.

A preliminary examination of her death marked the nurse's motivation as "unexplained." The police are looking into Saldanha's phone and email conversations, looking for any reason why she would resort to the desperate gesture.

In a previous interview, her family, who describe her as a righteous woman, have told reports she was led to killing herself by the shame she felt.

“She would have felt much shame about the incident,” her brother Naveen says.

“Their prank has killed our beloved Jacintha. Her death should be blamed on them. [...] She must have been embarrassed and under a lot of mental trauma because of those two people, otherwise she wouldn’t have taken such an extreme step of killing herself,” a neighbor and close friend adds.

Since the incident, Southern Cross Austereo, the parent company to 2Day radio, has issued a public apology and have stated that they will be donating all their profits until the end of the year to a foundation chosen by the nurse's family.

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