Power Balance Silicone Wristbands for Increased Energy, Flexibility and Balance

Whether we’re athletes or just regular people working out to stay healthy and in shape, we all need some sort of encouragement now and then. Should we ever fail to find it within us, it’s good to know we could always rely on the Power Balance silicone wristbands that claim to tap into our bodies’ natural energy and balance it according to our needs – for just $29.95.

Power Balance boasts that it doesn’t make promises, it just delivers results. From the countless testimonials from professional athletes and celebrities listed on the official website, it actually sounds like the rubber wristband can perform miracles in terms of boosting the energy levels and improving balance, thus making us faster, leaner and overall better. The science behind the product is not even something new, Power Balance says, the same concept having been used for many years in practices such as acupuncture and acupressure.

“Optimal health and peak performance occur when your body maintains ionic balance (the exchange between negative and positive charges) and free flowing energy pathways (harmony) at the optimum frequency. […] Power Balance, after years of research and development, has produced a system to safely restore and optimize the electro-magnetic balance within the human body… immediately. Power Balance’s Mylar Holographic Disk (the same substance used to keep static electricity from damaging electrical components) has been imbedded with an electrical frequency that restores your body’s electrical balance, promoting a free exchange of positive and negative ions and align your body’s energy pathways.” Power Balance says of the product.

Apparently, the Disk acts like a “switch” that adapts to each body and its corresponding energy field. “When the static Power Balance Hologram comes in contact with your body’s energy field, it begins to resonate in accordance with each individual’s biological, creating a harmonic loop that optimizes your energy field and maintains maximum energy flow while clearing the pathways so the electro-chemical exchange functions like the well-tuned generator it was meant to be.” it is also said on the same website.

As also noted above, the testimonials claim that, once this product tried, one simply can’t part with it because it works in such perfect accordance with the body. However, there are also those reviewers who say the entire tapping of the energy field and improving it when the body lacks the means and strength to do so could very well be a case of wishful-thinking or what one can accomplish solely on the power of the human mind.

*Update [December 25, 2010]: Our review of the product is here. Check it out to see if it answers at least some of your questions.

*Update [January 27, 2011]: Power Balance Australia has officially admitted claims of the Power Balance silicone wristband have no scientific backing, were misleading, which means product is a scam. Refunds will be made until June 30, 2011. More on this here.

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