Potty-Mouthed Bird Hurls Expletives at Zoo Visitors

Staff decides to isolate the bird, teach it a thing or two about manners

A Myna bird living in captivity at a zoo in China's Hubei province recently got into the habit of insulting visitors, and more often than not, its insults ended up taking them by surprise.

In all fairness, it must have been the zoo visitors who taught the bird to swear in the first place, yet it seems that its behavior eventually started to annoy and disturb them.

More so since the Myna bird had no need to be provoked in one way or another to start uttering expletives, Tree Hugger reports.

“The Myna has a good memory. Maybe some tourist taught the bird this bad language,” said zoo keeper Li Yun.

Because of this, zoo staff decided that it would be best to place the bird in isolation, where hopefully, it will learn that colorful language is not to be used when addressing visitors.

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