Pottering: New Photo Meme Requires the Use of a Broomstick

The new trend is inspired by the Harry Potter movies

A new meme is gaining momentum with the phenomenal response of photo fads inspired by fantasy movies.

Pottering is the act of posing for a photo while appearing to ride a broomstick, perhaps while involved in a Quidditch competition.

Know Your Meme traces its origins to an August Reddit 2012 post by user 93tillinfiniD which includes the picture featured above.

The meme, inspired by the Harry Potter franchise, has its own Facebook page, Public Pottering. The page was created on March 5, 2013 and has garnered a little over 5,700 views so far.

As it is with Hadokening or Vadering, which I recently covered, Pottering requires special skills on both sides of the camera. The star of the photo needs to balance a prop while the photographer needs to time the shot perfectly.

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