Posting Photo of Herself in Police Uniform Lands Chinese Model in Jail

Wang Xiaomeng was convicted of falsely impersonating a police officer

In an incident that caused a lot of controversy, Chinese model Wang Xiaomeng poses as a police officer, wearing a uniform, and gets thrown in jail.

This picture was accompanied by a second one, which can be viewed here, in which she shows her bare legs as she puts on black tights.

According to the Telegraph, Wang had taken the shots for an ad and posted them on Sina Weibo, along with a comment which officials didn't find amusing.

“As a new cop in my hometown, I need to learn the basics. As one of the flowers of the force, I am under pressure. I have to eat and drink with government leaders every day. I am using my flower status to dine with the leaders and win contracts for projects and investments!” she wrote.

500 reposts, 300 critical comments and 14 complaints to the website later, she was arrested. Following the July incident, she was convicted of falsely impersonating a police officer, and sentenced to 9 months in jail, with 1 year suspension.

“The costume was just a prop, I was so ignorant,” she says.

It seems to me like it was, indeed, a joke. Free speech rights infringements seem to be very popular since the advent of social networking websites.

In a recent incident, Lindsey Stone, who flipped off a sign at Arlington Cemetery in the US and caught it on tape, lost her job because of posting the picture on Facebook.

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