Postal Employee Takes No Sick Days in 44 Years of Work

64-year-old Deborah Ford worked 11,000 days without falling ill

64-year-old postal worker Deborah Ford is retiring with what one might call a perfect record – 44 years worked, not one sick day filed.

That is a total of 11,000 days worked without her becoming ill. Asked by a reporter how come she never needed time off from work to tend to her health, she swiftly responded, “I wasn't sick.”

The Detroit resident impressed higher-ups so much that she is getting a raise to her pension.

Unfortunately, for 4,508 hours she only gets a five percent increase, This N That writes.

Deborah describes that the secret to not feeling sick is going on with your daily activities as normal.

When she feels she might catch a cold, going to work makes her feel better. Her story is incredible, and I for one believe she looks very fit and healthy.

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