Portland Hospital Gunman Dead, Shot by Police Officers

An unidentified man threatened security staff at Portland Adventist Medical Center

A man pulling a gun at Portland Adventist Medical Center in Southeast Portland has been shot by officers, sources say.

Reports came in before 9:30 p.m. (local time) on Sunday, which is when police dispatched a team to the hospital. City police spokesman Pete Simpson confirms that their officers killed the suspect.

"Shots were fired and the suspect is deceased. [...] Portland Police are now in the very early stages of an officer-involved shooting investigation," police write in a statement relayed by the Examiner.

A neighbor from a nearby apartment complex tells reporters that nine shots were fired, describing he was questioned by a woman at the scene.

"She said, 'If it was a gun, what kind of gun was it?' So, I told her I heard a bunch of it go off at once. So, we're talking maybe nine shots," he said.

The gunman hasn't been identified as of yet, and Fox 12 Oregon mentions that he was a patient at the hospital. His identity will be released to the press after the coroner's office performs an autopsy.

He has been shot in the employee parking lot, after having allegedly threatened staff in a hospital security vehicle with a black handgun.

12-year veteran Sgt. Nathan Voeller, 3-year veteran Officer Andrew Hearst, and 7-year veteran Officer Royce Curtiss were at the scene at the time of the incident.

Witnesses note that three officers have allegedly fired at the suspect, and the three are on paid administrative leave. They will attend a hearing on Wednesday, in which the gravity of the threat will be assessed.

While a code silver warning was issued on Sunday night at the Medical Center, none of the patients or staff members has been injured. By Monday, the scene was cleared and full medical services were available again at Portland Adventist.

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