Portable Battery Pack from Sanyo Stays on the Wrist

It has eight different adapters but, sadly, does not automatically recharge itself

Sanyo Transport has made its contribution to the surprisingly deep river of energy- and energy storage-related product releases, having launched the EEA-YW0845 portable battery pack.

Batteries have become a very talked about topic lately, not nearly as much as NVIDIA's GeForce Titan graphics card, but still enough.

For example, a new technology has just tripled the top capacity of batteries and reduced the recharge time to 10 minutes (read about the breakthrough here).

Then, there are all the new lithium-ion packs that can last for hours in tablets and days/weeks in smartphones.

Sanyo has now released a new portable battery pack, one that bears the name of EEA-YW0845 and looks like a bracelet.

Indeed, the pack is meant to be worn on the wrist, thus allowing it to keep recharging the smartphone, or other gadgets, even while it is being held and used.

Basically, the placement makes the newcomer both stylish and useful, though some may frown at the arguable rigid and blocky look. The wristband is quite thick after all.

The link between the EEA-YW0845 and the gadget is done through one of the eight adapters included in the product bundle.

Since phones, MP3 players, other music playback devices, tablets and all other portable devices have specific ports more often than not, universal compatibility would not have been achieved without so many plugs.

Speaking of which, the EEA-YW0845 itself recharges from a USB link to a PC or charging adapter. Perhaps one day Sanyo will make a bracelet battery pack that recovers energy from hand and arm movements, but until then, this is all it's got.

The list of connectors includes miniUSB, microUSB, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP charging and Apple dock. The top capacity of the pack is 1500 mAh and the top current output is of 750mA at 4.5~5.5V. Four LED indicators show the state of the charge.

Sales are already underway through Sanyo Transport's E-Supply online store, for 3,780 yen (41 USD / 30 Euro).


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