Porsha Stewart Hints Kordell Might Be Gay on Real Housewives of Atlanta – Video

Nasty divorce plays out in front of the cameras, with Porsha willing to spill secrets

As the saying goes, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Porsha Stewart, star on the hit Bravo series Real Housewives of Atlanta, found out on Twitter that her husband of 2 years Kordell Stewart was divorcing her, and she’s now out for blood.

The latest episode of the reality series brought several major indications that a big reveal would soon take place, with Porsha repeatedly hinting at things she’d seen at home that would literally destroy Kordell’s reputation.

Of course, it all boils down to the gay rumors that have been plaguing him for years, rumors that Porsha seems ready to confirm on camera, as the two videos embedded below can confirm.

Fans of the series must know that, since the divorce filing, Porsha has been saying she had no idea her marriage was on the verge of collapsing because Kordell had her thinking that they were on the mend. Then, he went and filed the papers and she found out about it on Twitter.

In the first video embedded below, Porsha is talking to her attorney, saying that she’s so angry about the way Kordell handled the situation and so shocked that he would deceive her that way that she’s thinking of coming out in the open with a bunch of things she’d seen and heard during the marriage.

She then has a change of heart and informs her attorney that, if Kordell is willing to do several things she will write down on a list for him, she will consider going to couples therapy to see if they could still work out their differences.

Later in the show, after Kordell turned her down, Porsha went straight for the jugular, addressing the gay rumors and effectively saying (without actually putting it in words) that he’s not straight and that he only married her as a beard.

“He explained it away [when I asked him about the gay rumor]. He tried to make me feel comfortable with it. I didn't question he was gay or not because someone said it. Any reasons that I questioned it were things that I had experienced or seen,” Porsha said.

The topic will most likely be tackled in future episodes as well.

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