Pope Releases Dove for Holocaust Day, It's Attacked by a Seagull – Video

The bird escapes, and hides out among the coves of the Vatican building

I've come across a video of the Pope and a dove today, and decided to share it because something awful and somehow very ironical happened on this year's Holocaust Day.

Pope Benedict XVI marked the event with a heartwarming speech, from the balcony of the Vatican. The seemingly peaceful moment ended with him setting a white dove free, while thousands of believers were gathered to watch and listen to the sermon.

The moment is captured in the video posted above this article. Even as the dove looks a bit wobbly at take-off, the Pope concludes by saying: “So, that was a success.”

In instants, the bird is attacked by a seagull, but it manages to escape, and seeks cover among the coves of the building.

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