Pope Blesses Harleys During Bike Manufacturer's 110th Anniversary

Pope Francis received two H-D bikes and a leather jacket

Pope Francis has bestowed blessings on thousands of Harley-Davidson riders on the bike manufacturer's 110th anniversary on June 16.

Bikers gathered at the Vatican and the Pope stopped to bless the roaring engines and their owners as he recited "Our Father."

As seen in the clip above, St. Peter's Square was flooded with bikers in leather jackets and the Pope was greeted with great enthusiasm.

According to autoevolution, the Pope was gifted two bikes and a leather jacket after blessing some 1400 Harleys. He also received a painting by “official” Harley-Davidson artist David Uhl, which, of course, features a bike.

The pope didn't try on the jacket in the square, but I bet that he was rushing to get home and see how it looks on him.

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