Pop-Up Shop Is Made of Windows, Dozens of Them

The MOMO shop is made entirely from recycled materials

A mall in Hong Hong is now home to a pop-up shop made entirely out of recycled materials such as wood, bubble wrap and dozens of relatively small windows which form the walls, the roof and the tepee.

Artist Andy Tong (i.e. the man who came up with the concept for this MOMO shop) says that he wanted to design and manufacture a structure which would both appeal to the younger generations visiting the mall, and make sure his design really stood out from amongst all the other boutiques.

What is even more interesting is that, according to Inhabitat, the lampshades in this pop-up shop are made out of old t-shirts.

As the picture above shows, this innovative shop is quite pleasant to look at, and odds are that environmentalists worldwide will more than appreciate the idea to build something using nothing but recycled materials.

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