Ponytail Stunt Death Shocks Witnesses During World Record Attempt – Video

Sailendra Nath Roy was attempting to cross a river by hanging from a zip-line by his hair

A stuntman has died while attempting to break a world record in Sikkim state, in India. Sailendra Nath Roy got stuck as he was trying to cross Teesta River while holding on to a zip-line by using only his ponytail.

*User discretion is advised when playing the video above, as it contains disturbing footage which may offend.

His last moments were caught on tape as a crowd watched on and cheered for the 50-year-old man.

Nath Roy worked as a West Bengal Police driver and performed stunts during his spare time, the Independent reported.

He already held the Guinness record title for longest distance crossed on a zip-line while hanging from his hair, and was trying to break that record.

His hair was attached to a pulley on a wire, and it became stuck about halfway into the stunt. At that point, he was standing 70 ft (21.3 meters) above the river waters and he entered cardiac arrest, being pronounced dead in instants.

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