Pony Takes the Train in Berlin – Video

A passenger travels with a Shetland pony on the S-Bahn train

I stumbled upon this funny video of an unlikely passenger on the S-Bahn train, in Berlin. As you can see from the video above, a pony traveled on the train last week.

Out of the blue, travelers were accompanied by the Shetland pony, probably not knowing how it got on the train and what it was doing there.

The Mirror writes that a girl traveling on the train brought the animal there, which could be her pet or could be from a circus.

So now we know where this animal came from and why it was there, but it seems odd to me that everybody on the train looks very relaxed about the whole thing.

However, S-Bahn Train's reps didn't take it so lightly, and asked “What if it escaped?,” as if this “beast” was likely to do a lot of damage.

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