Ponies Get Married on Valentine’s Day, Camels Serve as Witnesses

Silver and Zorka vowed to always be there for each other

Valentine's Day is nothing if not the perfect opportunity to show that special someone how much you love them.

This is precisely why two ponies decided to get married on February 14 and prove the entire world that nothing can stand in the way of their romance.

The two ponies, Silver and Zorka, got married in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

Despite the fact that they did allow some paparazzi to take pictures of them during the wedding ceremony, they refused to disclose any information concerning where they were going to spend their honeymoon.

Unfortunately, the two camels who attended the wedding as their witnesses also kept their silence on this topic.

Needless to say, the she-ponies which got the chance to check out Zorka's wedding outfit agree that the veil was most befitting.

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