Police in Greece Have Altered Mug Shots to Hide Brutality – Photo

A prisoner's shot has been modified to hide bruising

Greek police are in hot water over ill treatment towards prisoners, hid with the use of Photoshop, ITV writes.

The photo posted on the left shows how bruises have been removed from a young boy's mug shot. The image on the right is an extract from an article published locally, depicting the same prisoner as he was being escorted by police.

The use of image altering software is obvious, even making the prisoner appear as if he has no lower left lid.

The juvenile delinquent is believed to be a part of the Conspiracy of Fire Cells group, responsible for several bomb attacks since 2009. He has been arrested in Kozani, for attempted robbery at an ATE and Hellenic Postbank branch.

While a Greek prosecutor is investigating the case of police brutality, Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias defends officials' actions, claiming they were meant to make the suspect recognizable.

“Because if they hadn't been Photoshopped, in order to make them resemble an image that the average person would recognize them in, then the photos wouldn't have been published in the first place,” he says in a statement.

Although the lawmaker makes a valid point, to me that only means this young boy has been beaten beyond recognition.

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