Police Officers Pitch In, Raise Money to Pay for a Dog's Emergency Surgery

The dog got hit by a car, owners decided to abandon it

Three police officers working with the LAPD Southeast Division made headlines following their decision to do their best in saving the life of a pit bull – Shar Pei mix that got hit by a car and whose owners decided to abandon it shortly after the accident had occurred.

The police officers explain that, when they first found this dog, the latter was simply lying on the ground. Apparently, the car that hit it managed to break both one its front legs, and two of its ribs.

Once the police officers managed to raise the $14,000 (roughly €10,510) needed for the dog's emergency surgery, a veterinarian took care of treating the animal's wounds.

It is to be expected that this pit bull – Shar Pei mix, now named Philly, will soon make a complete recovery.

“He was right there on Central for everyone to see. I honestly didn't even think it was a dog when we first saw him. His ribs were sticking out,” officer Jennifer Cohen told members of the press.

Furthermore, “We're his foster mommies now, basically. We trade off every couple of days, so he'll be in different homes. He's great around kids, and we give him different environments so he is ready to go to his forever home.”

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