Police Inform Victim of Burglary Through Compliments Slip

An officer at a robbery scene wrote the homeowner a note, advising him to call the police

An officer arriving at a burglary scene in Cambridge, in the UK, chose the funniest way to let the owner of the house know he had been robbed.

He wrote the message on a compliment slip:

“Hello, Your neighbor [name removed] has reported to police his property has been broken into and yours has too. Please call the police on 101 to report this,” the note reads.

The victim was forced to ask the police station for an explanation via Twitter. The note is quite difficult to read, as Jonathan Whiteland, the owner of the land, had to ask operators at the station if they can make out what it says, according to the Sun.

“Hi @CambsCops, can you help us decipher this, or do we have to crowd-source what it says via Twitter?,” he tweeted.

In addition to that, the officer at Cambridgeshire Constabulary used an out-of-date form, which included the wrong phone number and email address for the station.

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