Police Chase Wild Kangaroo Through Melbourne Airport Parking Lot

Officers have to bring in a tranquilizer gun to stop the animal

A car park in Melbourne Airport had an unusual visitor on January 7, as a kangaroo met travelers and was chased by airport security.

Police officers were called in to try to catch the animal, and chased it around for a bit in the parking lot. You can see as it is shot with a tranquilizer gun, the only way to capture it.

Had the kangaroo not been immobilized, experts believed it would have jumped over the railing, Daily Mail writes.

“It may be the only thing that stopped him from panicking enough to try and jump over the railing,” wildlife officer Manfred Zabinskas says.

The animal looks like it is taunting officers, outrunning them and making them chase it around the parking lot, until it is finally shot down.

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