Police Abandon Search for Missing Girl Dragged by Hair

Eye witness accounts set off a massive search for a teenager seen dragged away, in LA

An unidentified girl, believed to be as young as 13, was reported missing yesterday in LA. She was seen dragged by her hair to a Los Angeles hilltop, according to witness accounts.

As Inquisitr reports, police dubbed said accounts credible, setting off a massive search for the mystery victim and her assailant. The search ended last night, with law enforcement officials unable to locate the assaulted missing girl.

Police looked into the case as a possible abduction, with the alleged victim fighting off an attacker, before being taken away. The argument started near El Sereno Recreation Center in the 4900 block of Klamath Street, the Examiner reports.

At around 8 p.m. on Tuesday, November 13, a young girl, who could have been a teenager judging by her height, quarreled with a man whom bystanders describe as being approximately 16-18 years of age.

"The suspect was described as a Hispanic male between 18 and 20 years old, 6 feet tall, weighing 200 pounds with clean-cut dark hair. He was wearing a gray shirt and blue jeans," the assailant's description details.

The fight turned violent as he began striking her, and pulling off several items of clothing. He then proceeded to drag her by the hair into the brush.

"That argument escalated to the point where the male struck the female at least once in the face and then began to drag her up into the brush area by the hair," LAPD Lt. Andy Neiman says.

A 350-acre police search was conducted, both on foot and on horseback. Helicopters were used to guide the search, and a dog team was also dispatched at the site. The search revealed a pair of leggings, a shirt and tennis shoes, belonging to her, all thrown to the ground when the pair argued.

The girl is still missing, but as police found no evidence of foul play, they stopped rescue operations.

"My hope is that this was a dispute that was resolved in some way, but we don't know that, and we have to treat everything like it's the real deal," Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck says.

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