Polaroid Launches iPhone Photography App

Polamatic combines today's digital effects with the classic look of Polaroids

Enlisting the help of Appadana Development, Polaroid has released Polamatic, a new photo / video app for iOS devices that combines Polaroid frames (Classic Border Logo) with digital photo effects.

Polamatic 1.0 allows users to take photos right from the app, as well as to choose an existing one from their photo library to apply a Polaroid Classic Border frame, a filter, or a caption.

You control the flash, grid, front or rear camera, and even timer settings, and you get 12 frames to choose from, such as "tape," "crumpled" and "kinda new."

Polaroid stresses that, “Unlike other photo editing applications, the frames are not computer generated. Instead, they are high quality scans of new, used, and vintage Polaroid Classic Border  frames, giving pictures a unique classic style.”

12 photo effects enable further customization. These include "chroma," "gelatin" and "pyrophoric," to name just a few.

“The photo effects allow users to apply a number of color and tone adjusting effects to their pictures,” Polaroid explains. “Whether users wish to apply sepia tones, or a rosy hue, this application has a plethora of effects to choose from. Users may also add text to their Polaroid picture, choosing from 12 different fonts.”

Users can save their Polaroid works via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr or email, as well as save them to the iOS camera roll.

In-app purchases include the Polaroid Vintage Pack upgrade (12 authentic, high-resolution scans of Polaroid Classic Border picture frames from multiple eras); the Polaroid Chroma Pack upgrade (with 10 colored Polaroid Classic Border picture frames for those looking to add a touch of color); and the Photo Effects upgrade (12 photo effects added to the existing 12).

"Bring back all of the magic of Polaroid pictures on your iPhone," stated Appadana Development's Dana Shakiba. "Polamatic makes your pictures come alive with classic Polaroid style."

The app works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running iOS 5.0 (or newer) and sells for $0.99 (USD) / 0.79 EUR.

Download Polamatic | Made in Polaroid for iOS

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