Polar Bears Held Hostage in Moscow

Picture shows one of the animals chained to an oil barrel

News from Moscow says that three polar bears are being held hostage by oil companies. The bears have been chained to oil barrels and abandoned in front of the office building of Statoil, a Norwegian energy firm. Or so Greenpeace says.

As you have probably figured out by looking at the picture above, these bears are not actually animals. Quite the contrary: they are Greenpeace activists dressed up as polar bears.

Needless to say, nobody chained them to the oil barrels. They took care of doing that themselves.

What these polar bear-wannabes hope to achieve by drawing attention to themselves in this manner is convince Statoil to quit its plans to drill in the Russian Arctic.

“Statoil’s plan is perfectly clear: it wants to make a fat profit at the expense of the Arctic, risking spills in icy waters a long way from Norway, whilst keeping up its veneer of social responsibility at the same time,” Greenpeace wrote on its official website.

“We can’t allow this to happen. This is why our polar bears took action in Moscow and we have a way to stop Statoil!” the organization added.

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