Point of View Unveils GEFORCE 7900GT 512MB Graphic Card

The gamer benefits from an extreme HD gaming and video experience

It seems that the new technology trend is all about notebooks and graphic processors or graphic cards, as the same day Nvidia announces Toshiba's latest notebook featuring an enhanced GPU, another graphics hardware element is launched by Point of View - the graphic card GEFORCE 7900GT with a storage capacity of 512MB.

The manufacturer said that the decision of releasing this new and enhanced graphic card was made when they realized that the number of gamers who are playing games only on large screens has increased dramatically lately and the huge resolutions like 1900 x 1200 or even 2560 x 1600 are now surpassed or no revelation for anymore.

Consequently, if a gamer wants to benefit from great graphics using these resolutions and an AA/AF turned on, they might consider achieving 512MB of memory for their graphics card.

The GEFORCE 7900GT 512MB graphic card comes with enhanced possibilities which offer the gamer the advantage to even create graphic cards that are almost as fast as the GEFORCE 7900GTX.

However, GeForce 7900 GPU delivers a perfect video playback in high-definition standard with bright picture quality thanks to its advanced Nvidia PureVideo technology. The manufacturer guarantees for its GEFORCE 7900GT 512MB which makes sure that the gamer benefits from an extreme HD gaming and video experience on the PC.

On the other hand, NVIDIA has unveiled last week Quadro FX 4500, a solution offering fifty percent more graphic power than the previous generation high-end product.

This new GPU is offering a combination of features including a unified 512MB frame buffer memory and SLI technology support, with a new architecture that increases raw performance for a solution that brings a new level of graphics computing power.

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