Pocketbook Preps E-Readers and Tablet for IFA Berlin

Since the trade show known as IFA Berlin is approaching fast, Pocketbook decided it would give a heads up as to what it has in store for its customers, even releasing some press photos of its e-readers and notifying that a tablet was also on the way.

The Digital Reader claims to have stumbled upon some news regarding the plans that a certain company has for the upcoming trade show.

Like many others in the IT industry, Pocketbook intends to secure a share of the growing e-reader market, only it plans to come out with more force than some other companies did.

While the current players of the market started out and, for a while, stuck to just one model, Pocketbook's latest push is made up of four.

Specifically, the company will bring out the Pocketbook Pro 602, Pro 603, Pro 902 and Pro 903, all of which use E Ink screens.

The Pro 602, Pro 603 come with displays of 6 inches, whereas the other two, the Pro 902 and Pro 903, are larger, measuring 9.7 inches.

All four newcomers boast WiFi, Bluetooth, 2GB of internal storage, wireless access to the Bookland e-book store and, of course, their maker's open-source software.

What's more, the Pro 603 and Pro 903 even feature Wacom touchscreens, likely for e-book annotation, and integrated 3G modems.

These four are only part of the outfit's lineup, however, as the company also seeks to present a tablet by the name of Pocketbook IQ.

No real information exists, at this time, on this device, with the exception of the fact that it will come in three colors and run the Android 2.0 operating system.

Finally, it is a known fact that pocketbook is one of Qualcomm's Mirasol display clients, and an electronic that uses it is expected to come out at some point. Unfortunately, said point won't be IFA Berlin.

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