PlugX RAT Developers Release New Version, Become More Confident

Kaspersky experts have found that the error logging function has been removed

The PlugX Remote Administration Tool (RAT) has been around for quite some time and, according to researchers, its developers continue to improve it. The latest version comes with some interesting changes in terms of logging activity.

Kaspersky Lab Experts reveal that a new version, which has been landing in the inboxes of a company, shows that the developers are becoming more confident in their work.

The old variant contained numerous lines of code designed to process potential errors. The new version doesn’t contain this logging function.

Experts believe that this demonstrates the fact that the author trusts that the code flow runs successfully.

It’s likely that the cybercriminals have managed to infect a large number of computers, which allowed them to properly test their malicious tool. Now that they’re done checking the new version, they’re probably ready to move forward in development.

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