'Plug-N-Play' Solar Panels Available for Smart Homes

New solar panels can be attached to any surfaces to supply appliances with green power

New green technologies keep boosting the popularity of renewable sources of power. 3D solar panels, black silicon and the great, cost-effective solar paint seeking to replace the standard PVs mark the beginning of a new era in the development of the solar market.

However, there is still enough room for game-changers in this industry and Onyx could benefit from its innovative 330-Watt 'Plug-N-Play' system, making the installation and utilization of solar panels a child's play, Engadget informs.

The company has recently introduced its first solar panel array in a testing area from in Orlando, Florida. The prototype displays a built-in micro inverter and a US AC power outlet plug.

Using this feature, the homeowner embracing this system can simply plug an extension cord directly into the panel for immediate access to clean, green power.

Apart from the fact that it provides an unlimited source of eco-friendly power, the new line of solar panels are also annihilating the complicated installation requirements and all the tons of wire usually needed to complete the task. Moreover, this concept is ideal for the owners who are interested in developing and implementing 'Do-it-Yourself' projects.

"The new panels are designed to be bought right off of the shelf in a hardware store, attached to any surface with 4 screws and immediately be put into service, powering a computer, fan, light or even a medical device. This new configuration will also help allow remote residences worldwide to have easier access to the power of the sun," reveal Onyx officials.

When it comes to unconventional sources of power, a major bump in the road is their reduced reliability, because the sun doesn't shine and the wind doesn't blow at a touch of a button.

In order to overcome this important disadvantage, the company has come up with a new technique, allowing owners to store the amount of clean, green energy for later usage.

One of their versions is equipped with a high-capacity lithium battery, to provide energy even when the sun is hiding under the clouds.

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