Plextor Launches Ultrabook mSATA M5M SSD

It is one eighth of the size of a 2.5-inch solid-state drive unit

The main advantage of the mSATA solid-state drive form factor is the significantly smaller form factor. Basically, the size difference between it and 2.5-inch is colossal.

As the subtitle says, mSATA SSDs are one-eighth the size of standard 2.5-inch drives, and since Ultrabooks are all about compactness, Plextor stands to gain a lot by persuading OEMs to buy the M5M.

M5M is the name of the new solid-state drive released by Plextor at CES 2013.

Set to sell in 64/128/256 GB capacities, it reads at up to 540 MB/s and writes at 160 MB/s, 320 MB/s and 430 MB/s, respectively.

Plextor outfitted the M5M with a Marvell controller (hence the speeds), its Exclusive True Protect Technology (256-bit AES encryption) and the ability to enter the DEVSLP power mode (used power is cut to 1 mW when idle).

No prices have been released, sadly.

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