Players Can Vote for New Monopoly Token

One of the Monopoly tokens will be eliminated, and replaced with a new one

If you are an avid Monopoly player, Hasbro brings really exciting news. One of the Monopoly tokens will be eliminated, and a new one will make its appearance.

The best part is that players can vote, and get to assess which one should get the boot, no pun intended. They can choose which token they would save, on Monopoly's Facebook page. The token that receives the fewest votes gets it, Guardian tells us.

"It's the trial of the century! The fate of every classic MONOPOLY token rests in your hands. Vote daily to save your favorite token from a life sentence off the board," the company wrote.

Above I have posted a photo of what the new token might be – a lovely diamond ring, a smashing guitar, a funny-looking toy robot, a helicopter or a cat.

I would go with the cat, but that's just me. Which is your favorite among new choices for tokens? Put down your pick, in the comment section.

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