PlayStation Vita TV Gets Full List of Features, Tech Specs, More

Check out all the details about the brand new device

After confirming the PlayStation Vita TV (PS Vita TV) device to the world earlier today, Sony has now revealed a full list of details with the new console, including its different features, its abilities, and the technical specifications.

Sony's Tokyo Games Show 2013 press conference was filled with great surprises for its Japanese fans, as Sony confirmed a February 22 launch date for the PS4, as well as a new PlayStation Vita model that's lighter and comes with a better battery.

Right at the end, however, Sony made a surprise announcement in the form of the PS Vita TV, a special device that will connect to a TV and allow owners to play games for the PS Vita or PSP, enjoy entertainment services, and even connect it to a PlayStation 4 via Remote Play.

In order to clarify all the different aspects of the new device, a full list of features has been revealed by Sony via an official statement, so check it out below.

- Various video services

For the Japanese market, a variety of attractive video services will be available including SKY PerfecTV! On-Demand, TBS The World Heritage Selection,, TV dogatch and U-NEXT in addition to TSUTAYA TV, niconico, Hulu and video contents available on PlayStation Store. SCE will continue to further broaden the video services available on PS Vita TV, delivering entertainment experiences only available on PlayStation.

- Vast lineup of software titles

PS Vita TV offers a vast lineup of 1,300 software titles from PS Vita games, PSP (PlayStation Portable) games and PlayStaion games from PSOne classics. Users will be able to enjoy all of these titles using the Wireless Controller (DualShock 3)

- PlayStation 4 (PS4) remote play

As with PS Vita, PS Vita TV will also support PS4 remote play and Wireless Controller (DualShock 4) through future system software update. This will allow users to enjoy most of the PS4 games on PS Vita TV as if they are playing it on the PS4 system.

- Network Services

In addition to the basic applications preinstalled on the system such as “Browser,” “Email” and “Party,” an application for voice chat and text chat, users will have access to various network service applications available for download including; Music Unlimited, a cloud-based digital music service, “,” *5 an Internet Protocol simulcast radio service, “Reader for PlayStation Vita,” an e-book application for reading books and comics, and “LiveTweet for PlayStation Vita” an application that allows users to easily find what information they want from Twitter. Further enhancing the entertainment experience, new services such as “JOYSOUND.TV (a tentative title), a streaming karaoke service will also become available for the system.

- Quickly resume game play with Standby Mode

Similar with PS Vita, users can put their PS Vita TV system in standby mode, temporarily saving the system status. With this feature, users will not have to turn off the system completely and can instantly resume their games from the point where they left off. Additionally, if a user owns a TV with CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) specification like BRAVIA Sync features, they can set it up to turn on automatically when the PS Vita TV power is turned on, allowing users to resume their game by a touch of a button.

- Smooth, quick and easy control

PS Vita TV adopts PS Vita system software and user interface, allowing users to smoothly, quickly and easily operate the menu as well as applications and games using DualShock 3.

- Fun and Unique features of PS Vita TV

-- PS Vita TV users can play games with PS Vita users via Ad Hoc mode. Those users who are not playing but in the same room can enjoy the televised game play that the PS Vita TV users are playing.

-- Up to 2 DualShock 3 controllers can be connected to PS Vita TV, allowing users to enjoy multiplayer games from PS One classics titles.

-- Videos stored within Memory Card or those videos being played on the “Browser” of the PS Vita system can easily be transferred to PS Vita TV to be viewed on the large TV screen. While being transferred, PS Vita can be used as a remote controller using the video player application.

-- PS Vita TV will also support “nasne,” a networked recorder and media storage device. Users will not only be able to enjoy content stored within the device but also back up their game data as well as save data on “nasne” via the network

Sony does note that, because the PS Vita TV is operated using a DualShock 3 controller, the device won't support all PS Vita games, specifically those that employ the "touch screen, rear touch pad, motion sensors, camera, electronic compass and microphones."

The company also presented the PS Vita TV's system specifications, from its onboard memory to the supported video resolutions, and more, so check them out below.

PlayStation Vita TV (PS Vita TV) Product Outline

Product name: PlayStation Vita TV (PS Vita TV)

Color: White

Product code: VTE-1000 AB01

Release date: November 14, 2013

Recommended retail price: 9,954 yen (including tax)

External dimensions: Approx. 65.0 × 105.0 × 13.6 mm (length × height × thickness)

Mass: Approx. 110g

CPU: ARM Cortex-A9 core (4core)


Main slots and connectors:

- PlayStation Vita card slot

- Memory card slot

- USB connector (USB 2.0 Type A)

- HDMI output port (HDMI-CEC)

- LAN port (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX)

Wireless communication

- IEEE 802.11b/g/n (n=1×1) (Wi-Fi)

- Bluetooth 2.1+EDR (A2DP,AVRCP,HSP,HID)

Internal memory card: 1GB

AV output: 720p, 1080i, 480p

Sound output: LPCM 2ch

Power: AC adaptor: DC 5V

Maximum rated power consumption: Approx. 2.8W


- PlayStation Vita TV × 1

- HDMI cable × 1

- AC adaptor × 1

- Power cord × 1

- Printed materials × 1

The PS Vita TV will be sold as part of a regular package and a special Value Pack that includes a DualShock 3 controller and a 8GB memory card. It launches in Japan on November 14 and will reach other regions after that.

Check out a video of the PS Vita TV in action below.

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