PlayStation 4 Sabotaged by Foxconn During Manufacturing – Report

The information comes directly from a Foxconn intern

It's been almost two days since Sony launched the PlayStation 4 in the United States and numerous reports emerged shortly after highlighting several problems that owners have been hit with.

The blinking blue light of death issue is one of the many issues affecting lots of PlayStation 4 units since launch, but there are people claiming their consoles are missing screws that should have attached important parts.

Well, at least some of these seem to be manufacturing issues and a new report comes to confirm it. It appears that Foxconn workers deliberately sabotaged PlayStation 4 manufacturing process due to working conditions at its plant.

Surprisingly, the information is not really new, as talk about Foxconn's workers has been running on Chinese gaming forums since a long time ago. Unfortunately, given the fact PlayStation 4 wasn't really available on the market yet, no one was taking it seriously.

But everything has changed since reports of PlayStation 4 owners claiming they are missing HDDs screws or other faults that seem deliberate, have recently popped up in the United States.

One console fan has just initiated a thread on IGN forums where it translates a message posted on Baidu Tieba by a Chinese student who worked at Foxconn. He claims he was one of the many who deliberately sabotaged the PlayStation 4 manufacturing.

It appears that lots of students were forced by their school president to work at Foxconn's plant; otherwise, they will not receive their graduation certificates.

Morover, the report claims Foxconn put all those students to work on assembling the PlayStation 4 and kept its own employees on assembling the iPhone 5s instead.

For the time being, it's very hard to tell how much or if any of these is true. We will probably know more about this after a few weeks since PlayStation 4 will be launched in other countries soon and a new wave of customers will get their favorite console in their hands.

If more reports about faulty PlayStation 4 continue to emerge online, we will know this is true, but we will probably never know the extent of the problem and how many units were sabotaged (if any).

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