PlayStation 4 Owners Upset with Sony's Fourth Stability Update, Demanding Features

Xbox One owners, on the other hand, are living it up

Although Sony has just released the latest software update for the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, many of its users are displeased, as the firmware patch only improves the stability of some apps and other software, whereas the community wants more features to be added.

Although shipping out monthly updates for such a vast ecosystem is no easy thing, both Sony and Microsoft are attempting to stay ahead of one another, by updating their consoles' firmware periodically. The thing is, Microsoft is apparently doing a better job so far.

While Sony fans have been complaining that the company is only pushing out stability updates month after month, with no meaningful additions, Microsoft has been pretty on top of things with its monthly feature previews and the additions made to the Xbox One.

Now, some users are being vocal on Twitter, Reddit and NeoGAF, expressing their disappointment with Sony's slow pace of improving the core areas outlined by the community where the PlayStation 4 needs a helping hand.

In spite of the fact that the company added the very popular SHAREfactory feature and revealed several things planned for the near future, some users still believe that Sony should start releasing bigger and better updates.

Some of the sought-after features that fans want added to the PlayStation 4 are support for instant suspend and resume, Cd and file playback, as well as DLNA streaming, in addition to a wealth of smaller ones like the ability to change the PlayStation 4's user interface background or theme.

Firmware update version 1.74 marked the fourth stability update in a row for Sony, which although not a bad thing at all, and actually a very welcome effort on the company's part, is still pretty far from the delivery of some of the features promised to be present in the console at launch, and which still haven't received a prospective release window.

The next PlayStation 4 update, version 1.8, is expected to arrive sometime around Gamescom 2014, and some sources say that it will add some of the features that the community has been asking for, but until we get official confirmation, the crowds will still be roaring.

The amount of negative comments in social media might make one believe that Sony has been sitting idle since the PlayStation 4 was released, which could not be further from the truth, as the company has added a host of apps and functions to the console, just not enough compared to what it promised, and without the level of open communication that Microsoft is advocating lately.

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