PlayStation 4 Issue Prevents Users from Sharing Videos After Deactivating Twitter

Error WS-37305-8 can be circumvented by reactivating the account, for now

A new issue has popped up on the PlayStation 4, as many users are reporting being unable to watch and share videos after deactivating their linked Twitter account, citing Error WS-37305-8 as the culprit that took the jam out of their doughnut.

"Been having this issue for over 2 weeks. Won't let me share gameplay videos to Facebook from my ps4. I have yet to find someone who has experienced this error code; and it doesn't even register on Sony's website," a user reported as early as May.

In the meantime, the issue popped up repeatedly on the PlayStation support forums, as well as on Reddit, where a user describes his plight, along with providing a solution:

"I don't know what happened, but this error came up when I was checking out my video via the share menu. So, I google this error and it said that I have to reactivate my twitter account. I think the problem was that I deactivated it earlier, but I choose to close it down," CrimsonalCore says.

"I had to go and sign in my twitter in order to reactivate and it works, so I had to sign out via PS4 then deactivate and still works. My apologies, everyone. But I do think Sony needs to look at this issue for those who deactivated their twitter account in past 30 days and couldn't be able to view their own videos," he further instructs.

Unfortunately, reactivating one's linked Twitter account may not be a viable option for some, which could lead to some users permanently losing access to the feature until Sony manages to fix the issue in a future firmware patch.

"I can't share anything with my PS4 because I deactvivated my Twitter account which was linked to my PS4 before. Now when I try to share anything I get error (WS-37305-8). I can't even input correct Twitter details because it is trying to connect deactivated Twitter account and says problem connecting server. Reactivating my old Twitter is no option. Even support here doesn't know what to do. Fix this bug please," another user shares.

The user went further and attempted to rebuild the database in safe mode, and even deleted his user profile from the console and restarted the system, but to no avail. Most likely, the corrupted login details are stored on the PlayStation Network and are downloaded on the PlayStation 4 console every time, and there is currently no option to delete Twitter or Facebook accounts linked to Sony's next-gen computer entertainment system without having to login to them first.

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