PlayStation 4 Is All About Enjoyment and Fun, Says Sony Executive

The company is not focusing on the hardware progress

Shuhei Yoshida, the president of the Sony Worldwide Studios, believes that the upcoming PlayStation 4 home console from Sony is focused on delivering a great experience to the player rather than on simply upgrading hardware capabilities.

The executive tells Edge that, “the biggest message that we wanted to send in preparing for the event as well as in designing PS4 was we at Sony and we at Sony Computer Entertainment, it’s just natural for us to enhance the core technology and performance of the hardware, but it’s not the hardware that is the biggest focus.”

He adds, “When you look at the five key principles behind designing PS4, none of them are hardware related, actually. It’s all about how people us and experience, enjoy games, realized by the system software features and network functions.”

During the reveal event of the PlayStation 4, Sony talked about the new sharing options of the hardware, which allow players to quickly join groups of friends and show them game images and clips via a new button on the controller.

The company also wants to make streaming content a big part of the PlayStation 4 experience, allowing gamers to quickly gain access to both video games and other types of video and audio.

It seems that Sony is interested in making the experience of the new console as close as possible to that seen on the PC, but with a focus on gaming as a hobby and entertainment experience.

At the moment, the PlayStation 4 lacks on official final design or a price point.

Sony says that the hardware is set to be launched in all major territories before the crucial shopping season and major chains are already seeing big interest from the community.

The console will face strong competition from the Xbox 720 from Microsoft, which is expected to be revealed during late May.

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