PlayStation 4 Features Were Influenced by Actual Developers, Sony Emphasizes

The PS4's processor, the PS4 Eye, or the DualShock 4 were the result of feedback

Most of the biggest PlayStation 4 features, like its processor, the PS4 Eye camera, or the DualShock 4 controller have been influenced by the feedback Sony got from its different internal developers and teams.

Sony presented the PlayStation 4 to the world in February and has since started posting more and more details about its next-generation platform, including new info on the PlayStation 4 Eye camera or the DualShock 4 controller.

According to Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida, the company got feedback on all these features from its internal developers and teams, which often proved to be instrumental in getting things right.

"When discussions began on what should be the core processors – that was the very first issue of the PS4 project when we started in 2008 because the it takes the longest. So I introduced our CTO and our tech director and there were people from different studios from Worldwide Studios to get their view. The biggest question we had, of course, was if we should continue to evolve Cell architecture or move on to PC-style development," Yoshida told Edge.

In the end, the PC-style architecture won out, as plenty of developers complained of the complex Cell chip in the PS3, which was powerful but needed a lot of tinkering and know-how in order to master.

The PlayStation 4 Eye camera also featured input from Sony's teams who made PlayStation Move-powered games, according to Yoshida.

"When we designed PS4 Eye, we involved people who’d been involved in camera based games – the people from London studio and people from the US who worked on the Sports Champions games. So, depending on the issue at hand, we made sure that the right experience and background people are involved in the discussion."

Last but not least, the DualShock 4 controller saw input from practically all Sony members because it was so important.

"And for the discussion on the controller, of course everybody has an opinion, so it was quite a large group of people involved from our studios. That was probably the largest group of people involved, including the testing of prototypes. There were lots and lots of prototypes that were made and thrown away."

Sony is expected to present even more PlayStation 4 details in the near future, including the actual console at E3 2013 in June.

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