PlayStation 3 fl0w Dated

High-tech PS3 playing low-tech fl0w

On top of the agreement signed by Sony Computer Entertainment America with thatgamecompany for developing some more PS3 titles, SCEA revealed the exact release date for its upcoming PS3 title fl0w.

This agreement obliges thatgamecompany to develop three games for Sony Computer Entertainment, and in order to do that, former University of Southern California students will be moving in at Sony's Santa Monica headquarters.

If you were waiting for fl0w, know that this first Flash-based web-game will be sold via download through PlayStation 3's online store as of December 19. The original fl0w game was developed for PCs and came out on April 14 of 2006. So, let me see if I got this right, you have been able to download a PS3 game which is available for PC as of 8 months ago.

In fl0w, the player begins as a small, white microorganism on a bright 2D plane. You can use the mouse to guide the worm so that it can survive. You have to make it eat other microorganisms and evolve. Most of your "food" is defenseless, but there are certain types of multicellular organisms that can attack you. Sounds interesting? If you were to ask me, I would reply that this seems the most boring game ever and that I don't want to pay US$ 600 for a PS3 so I can play fl0w.

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