Play by Yahoo! Music, New MP3 Player for Android

Yahoo! has made available for download a new application aimed at devices running under Google's Android operating system, namely Play by Yahoo! Music, which is a native mobile MP3 player for Android handsets available in the United States.

Play by Yahoo! Music brings a series of great features on Android mobile phones, meant at transforming the handset into a full-featured music player.

The new application benefits from a range of features (leveraging patent pending technologies, Yahoo! notes) that include Identify over the air song ID, along with smart shuffle playback and fully integrated social sharing.

At the same time, the application will offer fast access to Yahoo! Music’s leading editorial content, so that Android users can benefit from a full experience on the go.

The application will offer users the possibility to easily identify the songs they hear on the radio, in the club, or anywhere else.

“Using proprietary audio fingerprinting technology, Play by Yahoo! Music helps you build the ultimate library by enabling you to I.D. new music and share your discovery with friends,” the company notes.

Play by Yahoo! Music comes with single song I.D. And with continuous mode, so that users can identify a series of songs.

Moreover, the application will offer access to Yahoo! Music News, so that users can access the latest news from favorite artists as they listen to the songs.

“Tap on the Artist News button from any song from the Now Playing view and you’re immediately brought to a listing of updated information on the artist you’re listening to right in the Play app,” the company explains.

Through Smart Shuffle, Play by Yahoo! Music should learn what the user usually likes to listen, and will create playlists based on preferences, mood, and more.

“By understanding your tastes, Play by Yahoo! Music creates smarter, more customized playback for each individual user without any star ratings or thumbs up cues other players require,” Yahoo! states.

The new Play by Yahoo! Music app also comes with Twitter and Facebook status updates, as well as with cover art cleanup, smarter search, and more.

The new mobile application is available for download via the Android Market now, via this link.


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