Plastic Surgery Addict Alicia Douvall Blames Doctors for Her Disfigured Face

Former glamour girl says irresponsible doctors were only after her money

Alicia Douvall, former glamor girl, model and kiss-and-tell queen, has had over 350 procedures done since she was 17, mostly on her face and chest. Today, at 34, she can barely move her face or feel anything in many parts of her body – and she says it’s all the doctors’ fault.

Douvall appeared on ITV’s This Morning to explain how she will not have any more surgery for vanity, but only for reconstructive purposes.

Just recently, she was photographed out and about, looking swollen and bruised. Reports say doctors are trying to “fix” her face and she had an intervention that required them to break her jaw and nose, and pretty much cut off her ears so they could rearrange her face all over again.

Alicia says the thought that her daughter would never see her smile back at her pained her, so she decided to go under the knife again to try and fix what years of obsessing over her looks ruined.

She blames the doctors who operated on her, who took money from her when it was clear she had problems, an addiction to plastic surgery.

“I am angry with the surgeons that have done this to me. I wish they had offered me counseling. I lied about my age, but I was a young girl and they didn't need to put me on that path,” she says on the show.

“You are playing with people's faces and you are damaging their looks. I was a model, looks are everything to me. There are instances of people taking their own lives and I have felt like that at times. I have thought I can't take this anymore, I can't live like this,” Douvall adds.

Doctors need to be more responsible – and they need to be held accountable for their actions – when dealing with someone who clearly has body dysmorphia, as was her case, she argues.

They also need to stop selling this ideal of “perfection.” Alicia says that, after she got a breast job at 17, she was told she also needed work on her face because it would make her look “better.”

“I was brought up to believe that I was unfortunate looking and I didn't have the confidence and I didn't feel good about myself. I look back and I realize that there was nothing wrong with me, was a normal looking girl,” she says.

A segment of the interview is embedded below. Either because she’s still recovering from her most recent intervention or because of the years’ worth of plastic surgery, Alicia’s face doesn’t move anymore. Her mouth is also distorted.

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