Plastic Light Bulbs Replace Normal Ones Next Year

FIPEL bulbs are nano-engineered and don't use any glass

Light bulbs have been with us for decades upon decades, but 2013 might be the year when they finally leave our lives for good.

The official name of the new light bulbs is FIPEL, for field-induced polymer electroluminescent bulbs.

They can replace fluorescent lighting and provide light similar to natural sunlight instead of the yellowish-orange of normal bulbs or the bluish LED light.

There won't be any faint humming either, nor will there be any heat generation.

For those who want technical details, the FIPEL bulbs contain small nanomaterials wrapped in three layers of white-emitting polymer. The nanomaterials glow when electricity is applied.

The move from traditional lights to plastic FIPEL will not be instant, but it should be fast, depending on pricing and energy efficiency.

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