Planetside 2 Short-Term Plans Include More Continents, NPC Armies

Gamers will also get more items and support for eSports

Sony Online Entertainment says that it already has a number of ideas about the new content that will be added to Planteside 2 in the short term, including player-owned bases, more continents for players to explore and NPC armies that will join the fight in the MMO.

John Smedley, the leader of the development team working on the game, says that SOE wants to make sure that players are always entertained and that they stick with the new first-person shooter-based title for as long as possible.

Player-owned bases will be created on new empty continents and will allow groups of players to control territory and get access to new types of resources that can then be mined in order to craft interesting new items.

Ships are also planned in order to make battles between continents more interesting and some ground-based vehicles will be modified in order to allow resources to be gathered.

New NPC enemies will periodically invade some areas and target all player-controlled factions and NPC enemies will also be introduced and will add a Multiplayer Battle Online Arena element to Planetside 2.

Weather will also be introduced to the MMO in order to make battle less predictable and more weapons and armor options will be offered to the player base.

SOE is also working on adding eSports support to the shooter.

Smedley states on his official blog that, “We will listen to our users feedback and make changes based on that feedback. We think we have some killer ideas but our players have pretty good ones too! I want to be super clear here – these are just some of the ideas. The team has a ton.”

Planetside 2 is only available on the PC and there are currently no plans to move it to the PlayStation 3.

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