Planescape: Torment Spiritual Sequel Has Chris Avellone’s Blessing

The game will be created using new mechanics and a new setting

Yesterday we reported that one of the designers who had worked on Planescape: Torment was keen on resurrecting the core concepts of the game in the near future. Now, it seems that the developer has the blessing of Chris Avellone, who served as the main designer on the classic role-playing game.

Colin McComb has told Eurogamer that, “The Project: Eternity Kickstarter took them in a different direction than a direct successor. I told Chris that I would not work on a Torment successor without his approval. We talked about it for a bit, and he told me that he was entirely comfortable with me moving forward on a Torment game without him, and he gave me his explicit blessing to do it.”

At the moment, McComb is employed at inXile, the Brian Fargo led development studio working on Wasteland 2, and the company has also secured the rights to the Torment name recently.

The former Planetscape: Torment designer has also made it clear that the upcoming project will not be a true sequel but rather a spiritual successor because the team will likely be unable to secure the right to the original setting of the game.

He has added, “we both agreed that Planescape was not the best route for us to take anyway, due to the mechanical issues and editorial oversight WotC would want.”

Previously, McComb wrote on his blog that the essence of Torment was philosophical and that the game might benefit from a new set of game mechanics and a more interesting approach to the issue of morality.

The developer refused to confirm or deny whether he planned to seek funding for the Planescape: Torment successor on Kickstarter.

At the moment, Avellone is working on Project Eternity with Obsidian and is also helping inXile with some of the design tasks for Wasteland 2.

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