Planescape: Numenera Under Development at inXile, Has Torment Spirit

The game will include new monster, new powerful beings, real-time combat

A new Planescape video game is now officially in development at studio inXile and fans of the original Torment will be happy to know that the game, while not being a true sequel, will use many of the same ideas and themes.

Brian Fargo, the leader of inXile, tells Rock, Paper, Shotgun that, “The more we explored the Numenera setting, the clearer it became that it’s a natural fit for a Torment game. And it isn’t too surprising that Numenera’s aesthetics work well for Torment given that Monte was a key designer for the Planescape setting.”

He adds, “Numenera is very exotic and rich, but is a flexible universe that empowers and support GMs. As Torment desires certain locations or features, we’ll be able to do what we need to while fully respecting the setting.”

Fargo believes that the game will benefit from the involvement of Monte Cook, one of the creators of the original Torment setting.

Numenera is also the basis for a board game that was successfully funded via the Kickstarter service.

The setting is not based on the Dungeons & Dragons universe and Brian Fargo was quick to point out some of the core differences.

Fairies and devils will not be featured in Planescape: Numenera, but players will be able to meet and deal with a number of creatures drawn from various fantasy universes and human history.

Gods will also be removed, replaced with a new species of creatures that are able to wield immense power and influence the evolution of the world.

The inXile team has not yet decided on the exact combat mechanics, but a system that uses real-time movements with pauses is the best candidate at the moment.

Planescape: Numenera is currently in the initial design stages and once the concept is better formed, the team might use Kickstarter in order to get the resources for the development process.

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