Plane Lands on SUV at Texas Airport – Video

A small plane's landing gear crashes into a moving car, on the runway

A small plane crashed into a moving SUV on the runway, at Northwest Regional Airport in Roanoke, Texas. The accident was caught on tape by the pilot's wife, who was on the ground, just happening to document his descent.

According to the Inquisitr, the couple in the car, Frank and Heather Laudo of Flower Mound, survived with no severe injuries. The pilot, William Davis, also survived the crash, unharmed.

The Department of Public Safety issued a statement explaining the car had entered the airport perimeter, and was struck by the plane's landing gear.

Roanoke Fire Department Deputy Chief Gilbert Caldwell is blaming the driver of the SUV for the unfortunate event, however this is the fourth plane-related incident at the airport in the last two months, which makes us wonder whether the entrance in the airport is properly marked by signage.

"When cars cross that area they are supposed to stop and wait for any airplanes," Deputy Chief Gilbert Caldwell said.

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