Pizzaghetti Slushy Described as “Love in a Cup”

The drink is presently sold by a convenience store chain in Quebec

Convenience store chain Couche-Tard in Quebec made several people's hearts skip a beat when rolling out one of the creepiest drinks to have ever hit the market: the Pizzaghetti Slushy.

Later, Redditor plagues138 posted this picture of an actual Pizzaghetti Sloche machine, and made sure that the whole wide world knew exactly that the supposedly heavenly drink didn't just exist in the dreams of junk food enthusiasts.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, the Pizzaghetti Slushy is not all that different from your regular slushy drink. Well, at least as far as texture goes.

When it comes to taste, things just keep getting weirder and weirder. As it turns out, the machine can serve costumers either spaghetti-flavored or pizza-flavored slushy drinks.

But this is just for amateurs, as the real daredevils go for a combination of the two.

Couche-Tard says that the drink keeps gaining popularity as the days go by, and that it is best described as “love in a cup.”

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